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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Discoveries Dance Instructor Training

Photo used with permission from Discoveries Dance
After spending the last 2 years slowly prepping for my ACE Group Fitness Certification exam, I finally took the test and passed. I cannot express how good it feels to be done with that exam! Now that that is complete, I can move onto other fitness endeavors. Part of the reason I got my ACE fitness cert first was that several pole teacher trainings count as continuing education credits for ACE. My main goal was to do a pole teacher training, but insurance companies sometimes require fitness certifications for coverage, so I decided to get the ACE certification, then move onto the pole teacher training.

Right after completing my exam I 1) rewarded myself with a new pole (a stainless steel 45mm x pert), cuz I earned it, and 2) ordered the materials for Discoveries Dance at home teacher training.

I really liked the Discoveries Dance course. Angel obviously knows what she is talking about, and presents the material in an easy to understand and easy to follow manner. The package comes with a manual that gives a brief overview of the topics, and a DVD that goes into greater depth on the topics. I can honestly say that the program helped me. Pole is tricky, so it is important to go about teaching it properly, as the risk for injury can be great.

Angel provides you with some great anatomy lessons, exercises to strengthen said areas, techniques on spotting, several ways to teach a move, the different types of students you will encounter, among other things. Most importantly, the training teaches you HOW to teach, not what to teach. I really liked that aspect because it makes you think critically about the subject and analyze it in depth. Sure, you can be told what to teach and how to teach it, but does that really help you troubleshoot issues? Not at all. I feel this course did a good job of preparing you to handle tricky situations that will likely occur in class, in addition to analyzing movements and how to relay the information to your students effectively.

Angel was really great in responding quickly with feedback on the exam items. I can definitely recommend this course for those of you, like me, who can't travel to workshops, but have a strong desire to be trained in pole instruction.

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